Ultimate weight loss workouts

10 Jaw-dropping Ultimate Weight Loss Workouts at Home

Finding time to work out is easier than finding the proper workout that suits us. No worry today we are going to talk about some great weight loss workouts at home.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to build lean muscle or just want to shred off some extra body fat. These workouts will help you in both ways.

Everyone needs to know are bodyweight workouts as effective?

Bodyweight workouts are not just time savers but extremely effective. Just not this, bodyweight workouts are easily accessible.  Also, these workouts help in improving the mobility and stability of one’s body. 

Bodyweight workouts help you develop better techniques and in the future prevent injuries when you hit the gym. These workouts are quick and easy plus also helps in building muscles and strength.

Bodyweight workouts will help you lose weight if done with proper technique, and you have to find a proper workout that will help you achieve your goals.

When focusing on losing weight you should consider that your diet also matters. If you want to plan a diet to help you lose weight just increase the amount of protein in your overall diet. Just increasing protein will not help you have to reduce the amount of calorie intake in your diet. 

Some doctors recommend that you should take about 40% carbs (600 calories), 30% protein (450 calories), and 30% fat (450 calories)  in your diet. For example, a 1500 calorie diet must comprise 150g of carbohydrates, 112g of protein and 50g of fats. This is just an example you can plan your diet accordingly and have great results in months combined with these workouts.

Well, we know carbs are important in our diet but choosing the right carbs is also important. Carbs are of two types “Good Carbs” and “Bad Carbs”. When following a healthy diet you must focus on taking as much as good carbs possible in your diet. 

What are good carbs and sources of good carbs?

Good carbs vs Bad carbs

Good carbs are complex carbohydrates that are rich in fiber and protein. Good carbs break down slowly which do not cause blood sugar level to spike or rise too high.

  • Whole fruit 
  • High Fiber Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • High fiber beans and legumes.

What are bad carbs and sources of bad carbs?

Bad carbs are simple carbohydrates that break down easily and cause blood sugar levels to rise high.

  • White sugar, bread, pasta, and flour.
  • Sugary drinks and juices
  • Cakes, candy and cookies
  • Other processed foods.

What are some effective weight loss workouts at home?

There are many workouts that are effective and can be done at home easily. But wait do we need to talk about every workout? 

No, so straight to the topic let’s talk about some effective weight loss workouts at home.

1. On Spot Jumping:

Easy to do and the most effective workout that will help you lose weight easily. To do this workout stand in one place and start jumping. Do this workout for 5 mins for once only. 

2. Rope Jumping:

You just need a skipping rope and start doing this one. Do 3 sets of 50 reps that would be enough. Can’t hit 50 no worry just do as much as possible and try to reach the target slowly.

3. Plank:

Plank everyone knows is one of the most effective workouts to burn belly fat. This workout also helps in improving posture and targets your shoulder muscles to hip muscles effectively. Do 3 sets of 30 seconds each and this workout will make you sweat out.

4. Jogging – One of the most effective fat killer:

Jogging is the best way to burn fat and not just belly fat complete body fat. Jog for 30 mins in a day with all the workouts on the list and in a week you will start feeling the difference.

5. Push-Ups

I know push-ups target mainly your chest. But, we should not forget that it engages our core muscle also that in return helps in burning belly fat. 3 sets of 12 to 18 reps are beneficial.

6. Crunches:

Crunches are one of the best workouts to target abs and belly fat. Do 3 sets of 15 reps each and you can also try holding a weight in your hand to increase effectiveness.

7. Leg Raises:

Leg raise is best to work on lower abs and back. Also, this will help you target lower belly fat. Do 3 reps of 1 min each. 

8. Side planks:

Side planks are effective when targeting love handles. This workout will help you in burning fat from your sides. 30 secs on both sides make one set. Do 3 sets to get the most from it. To perform a side plank, first, come in a plank position, life your one arm up while rotating your torso.

9. Mountain – climbers:

A great workout to start with. This workout will not only help you in burning fat but will also target many other major muscle groups. While doing this remember not to go too fast. Do it slowly and let each muscle get engaged. Do this workout for 1 min and repeat to complete 3 sets.

10. Side to Side slams

For this workout, standstill hand parallels to the ground. Twist yourself on the right side with your hands moving to the right as far as possible. Then, from there go completely to your left side to complete 1 rep. Do this workout for 5 mins once without any break to make it more effective.


All these weight loss workouts at home are easy and can be performed in the comfort of your home. These workouts are designed to target complete body fat while focusing on belly fat.

These are those workouts that I have done personally and still doing them. If you try you will see these are extremely tiring workouts so you may not need to give one day rest in between.

And I will personally recommend, you take a rest because when we are focusing to lose weight we are also engaging our other muscle groups. And our muscle needs time to recover that is the reason why rest is important.

Also, these workouts will not work if you will not focus on your diet. You need to plan a proper diet program remembering the points I discussed above to get results as fast as possible.

Well, that’s all for today try these workouts and let me know they helped you or not. Also, here are some delicious foods that will aid in your weight loss process.

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